Briefly what I’ve been up to.

My graphics tutor told me I was too arty and my art tutor said I was too


perfect I think.

My own personal studies have been concerned with the power and effects of advertising on the general public looking at the works of Oliver James (Affluenza), Neil Boorman (Bonfire of the Brands), John Berger (Ways of Seeing) and the art project in Paris ‘Le Mur, The Wall’ which has been an inspiration where a city centre billboard was dedicated just for art. 

I have been involved in redeeming advertising space for over ten years: first with flyers placed in public places; followed by flyposters (totaling 23 now over five years); and more recently billboards themselves. I have project managed all aspects of the process from concept and design to print process and distribution, working with all parties involved to secure successful campaigns. One example would be a competition I ran with Stopthetraffik and Salford University BA Graphic Design.


Photography Alistair Waller

Micah Purnell


Design The Future

Photography Alistair Waller
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